Every BODY is different – learn to practice yoga your way at Nadi Om Wellness.


Nadi Om Wellness offers yoga classes that focus on body awareness. This allows you – the yoga student – to reconnect your body and mind. As your awareness around the sensations in your body grows, you’ll become familiar with the feelings of tension and relaxation. This will allow you to use your yoga practice to further your journey toward optimal health both on and off the mat!


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Nadi Om Wellness focuses on practicing meditation that allows you to relax, helping you to reduce stress levels in your life and providing some healthy benefits along the way. NadiOm offers you an opportunity to find what type of meditation practice resonates with you by exploring several different meditation techniques. Private session are available or you can join the monthly group meditation session — read more on the meditation page and check the calendar to see when the next offerings are.

Sound supports healing!


And you don’t have to be a rock star to benefit. Vibration from sound allows the practitioner to connect and affect the body and mind from an internal perspective. Using sound to harmonize with nature encourages a deeper relaxation response during which the body can release tensions and dis-ease causing stresses. NadiOm offers Kirtan and other opportunities to support your sound leading journey. Check our sounding healing page for more information.