Reiki Tribe


Welcome to the Nadi Om Reiki Community and thanks for your interest in NadiOm Reiki Training. Ever since I was introduced to Reiki, my connection to this Japanese healing art continues to grow each day. It’s a unique experience to both give and receive Reiki energy. Born in the Far East, Reiki migrated to the West and has picked up a few New Age aspects. My journey has lead my to practice, research, and compose a combination of the two. I’m excited to offer a Reiki Training that combines traditional exercises and New Age concepts and creates a robust, experiential learning experience that will provide a strong foundation for your Reiki journey. 


Curious about Reiki? Join me at Reiki Meditation Circle to experience it for yourself. Ready for Training? Read on and see what my current offerings are!


A little more about Reiki

Reiki is a vibration of healing energy that promotes deep relaxation and stress relief, which allows the body to begin its natural, self-healing process. Reiki works on the subtle energy level helping to clear negative or stagnant energy, replenish your natural energy levels (ki/chi/prana), and can facilitate healing in numerous other ways. This practice can be done by anyone and is gentle, safe, and can be used as a complement to other medical, holistic, and alternative healing treatments.


Some Reiki benefits

Reiki works on many levels and is especially helpful for:


stress relief – energetic self-care – relieving physical pain symptoms – promoting physical health and healing – clearing, releasing , and rebalancing emotions & mind – promoting healing for mental, physical, and emotional unbalances – spiritual growth – enhancing natural intuitive gifts – healing after grief or trauma – healing after ending toxic relationships – preparing and adjusting to new life transitions – pre-natal/post-partum support – negative energy overload from day to day life – grounding and protection for empaths and highly sensitive persons


This is the short list. With your own intuition and imagination, Reiki can be helpful in any and all situations.