Therapeutic Massage Services

Nadi Om Wellness (MM40385) offers therapeutic massage that is customized to the individual to help with “issues in the tissues.” Each session focuses on the specific goals desired by you, the client. Depending on your needs, you may select up to three (3) areas in which specific tissue work will be completed. Grace works with you to design the perfect session to meet your needs. 

Each session may include a variety of massage therapy techniques including deep tissue work, trigger point techniques, gentle Swedish strokes, passive stretching and compression. Common session offerings are listed below:

Headache Massage

Headache massage sessions work specifically in the neck, shoulders, chest and head area to relieve muscle tightness and provide bilateral balance on each side of the head. We’ll discuss expectations prior to starting your session.

Backline Massage

Backline massage encourages complete relaxation and tension release from the back side of the body – from the crown of the head, down to the bottoms of the feet. Encouraging the relaxation response in the body helps to signal safety and security, which encourages a reduction of effects of stress that may cause disease.

Hands, Arms, Shoulder Massage

Hands, arms and shoulders massage encourages a stress-reduction response by lifting the “weight of the world” from your shoulders. A bilateral focus on this area allows you to release the repetitive motion tension in the hands and arms encouraging tension release to support your health. 

Knee to Foot Massage

Take some time to rejuvenate your tired feet with this knee to foot massage. Massage techniques are used bilaterally to ensure a balanced approach and help you encourage the “life balance” you may have stepped away from. THIS IS NOT REFLEXOLOGY – PLEASE VISIT THE REFLEXOLOGY PAGE TO SCHEDULE A REFLEXOLOGY SESSION.

Hips and Shoulders Massage

The body has a way of holding tension in the hips and shoulders. If you’re feeling “off” connective tissue work in this area may release that feeling of every day tension and bring back a sense of balance.

Therapeutic Services

$ 70 60 minutes
  • 30 Minutes - $40