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Send a monthly donation to Nadi Om Wellness and support Veterans, First Responders and other warriors on their healing journey!

Everyone has encountered trauma in one form or another … learn more about the Yoga to overcOMe program HERE!

Your sponsorship supports our education, scholarship and training opportunities for those who seek to immerse in the self-care practices of yoga, meditation, Reiki, and other modalities offered at Nadi Om Wellness. Sponsorship helps to provide a safe, supportive space where certified instructors share their knowledge and support the journey of healing for veterans, first responders, and other warriors.

  • Lotus MUD Sponsor $54

    “No mud, no lotus” (~Thich Nhat Hanh). You must start somewhere. Without mud, the lotus flower does not bloom. Your Lotus MUD level donation offers Nadi Om Wellness students the chance to start their yoga practice with 5 FREE classes!

  • Lotus SEED Sponsor $108

    Plant a SEED in the MUD today by offering a Nadi Om Wellness student the opportunity to practice for an entire month and receive the benefits of yoga and meditation to uplift their personal self-care journey. (10 classes)

  • Lotus BUD Sponsor $540

    Nurture a Lotus SEED and allow your Nadi Om Wellness student to complete the MINDFUL YOGA THERAPY program. This 12-week program allows those seeking healing and balance from ANY type of trauma to complete an empirically informed, clinically tested program that will carry over into a life of strength and resilience. (Along with their 12 weeks of yoga exploration, each student receives a practice manual, yoga mat, and yoga blanket.)

  • Lotus BLOSSOM Sponsor $1080

    See it through by offering your Lotus BUD the chance to fully BLOSSOM! This level of support allows your Nadi Om yoga student to attend the MINDFUL YOGA THERAPY program (12 weeks) AND can continue to practice in the RESILIENCE PROGRAM with an additional 9 months of YOGA classes – that’s a full year of YOGA for every student!! (Along with their 12 weeks of yoga exploration, each student receives a practice manual, yoga mat, and yoga blanket.)

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