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Yoga & Meditation

Every BODY deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. Nadi Om Wellness offers that opportunity. Our current class offerings are listed below. See you soon … on the mat!

Class Offerings


EveryBODY Yoga

Learn to Yoga your way!! This class allows those who want to start a practice, who have limited flexibility or mobility, or who want to enjoy a gentler practice in a positive, energy-filled space, to experience all the benefits of yoga at their appropriate level.  Each class includes breath work, gentle warm-up, appropriate asanas (postures), self exploration, and relaxation. This practice may discuss postures in depth and include yoga philosophy. Options are provided throughout the practice to benefit all levels of yoga practitioners.

EBY Yoga Class
YinYoga Class

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beginner friendly class that offers you the opportunity to improve flexibility and mobility. Yin yoga is a practice that slows the body and mind giving you the opportunity to explore sensation more and work with the joints (as opposed to the muscles). Each pose has a definitive focus and is held for a longer period with YOU controlling the sensation that you feel, allowing you to challenge yourself at the appropriate level. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga offers practitioners of all levels an opportunity to take a gentler approach to their practice. Yoga supports (props) are highly encouraged, but not required, to offer options while each yoga pose is explored. Gentle yoga is a slow and mindful practice allowing every student to move safely into each pose, with sufficient time to employ props and make personal adjustments. Each class includes a gentle warmup, mindful asana (posture) practice, and relaxation. 

Breathing exercises, meditation, and other yogic lifestyle practices will also be explored during this class. The intention of this type of yoga practice is to relax and rejuvenate the body, increase pain-free range of motion, and bring a calm stillness to the mind.

Gentle Yoga Class

Daily Living Yoga 

Life can be really hard on the mind and body as we go about our daily activities. The repetitive motions from chores and outside activities, lack of body awareness, and limited physical mobility and strength can cause injuries that impede ease of movement that the body is designed to retain. In Daily Living Yoga classes there is a functional approach to yoga for optimal movement patterns by using the beneficial yogic exercises of breath awareness; slow, purposeful movement; and dynamically held positions to support an accessible whole-body method for strength, flexibility, balance, and peace of mind into your life. 


Guided Meditation

Nadi Om Wellness offers guided meditation for relaxation! Each session lasts 45 minutes. During this relaxing practice, you’re invited to enter a state that encourages stress release from your busy life. Take time to take care of yourself as you dedicate time to turn inward and relax

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, a tool of the Mindful Yoga Therapy program, is offered on select Mondays. Each sessions lasts 45 minutes. Yoga Nidra offers a unique and mindful way to allow the body and mind to rest.

Monthly Offerings

Monthly meditation sessions are offered on a donation basis that support the Yoga to overcOMe program. Join us for REIKI HEALING MEDITATION CIRCLE and WORLD PEACE MEDITATION; take a break from the busyness of your day; enjoy healing vibration; and offer positive vibes to the universe.

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Our Instructors


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