Offering education and opportunity to trauma survivors as they begin a healing relationship with yoga

Featuring the Yoga for Vets Program



Providing a safe space, in studio or online, for those who seek to explore the relationship they have with nature using all-natural, self-care practices such as yoga and Ayurveda.


Nadi Om Wellness was born to provide an education venue about Yoga and Ayurveda. Through yoga classes, workshops, and personal Ayurvedic consultations, I hope to extend to you the knowledge of these sister sciences and how they work together to provide you with healthy lifestyle choices you can use in your personal wellness plan. As I’ve learned from massage therapy, everything is connected and so the services offered at NadiOm have expanded to include therapeutic massage, reflexology, meditation & mindfulness practices, Ayurvedic massage and Reiki, all of which have a Yogic and Ayurvedic foundation. As I continue to expand my knowledge base, I look forward to supporting your health journey!

~ Peace & Light, Grace