Events and Happenings

Saturdays, May 8, 15, 22, & 29

10:30am – 11:30am

$45 (all 4 classes included)

ABC Yoga

(Absolute Beginner Class) with Trish

This 4-week workshop, which will be held for one hour per week, is intended for those who have never practiced, those who think they can’t do yoga because it means twisting like a pretzel, those who have been away so long that they feel “out of practice,” and those who may have felt intimidated going into a yoga studio or frustrated even in a beginner’s class.  It is an introduction to basics so participants will feel more comfortable as they begin their yoga journey.

The first three weeks will be a blend of conversation, breathing exercises, and physical activity to include poses commonly taught in beginners’ level classes.  There will be opportunities for questions throughout. Week four will be a one-hour beginners’ level gentle practice which will allow participants to smoothly transition to other classes offered at Nadi Om Wellness.

Upon registration, participants will receive via e-mail preliminary information which will be helpful not only throughout the series but also for the participants’ future yoga practice.

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Be sure to select whether you will attend in STUDIO or ONLINE.   STUDIO space is limited to six (6) attendees.

Friday, May 28th

6:00pm – 7:30pm | $20

RYMe Time

with Grace

This 90 minute restorative yoga session offers the practitioner some ME TIME. Restorative yoga is a rejuvenative practice for the body and mind. Through full support of the body, you’ll find a place of calm and stillness that allows you to tune into your body and experience complete rest. 

Sound, breath work, and other energy balancing practices may be included during this session.

We’ll complete our practice with an experiential guided meditation.

Purchase this workshop in the STUDIO BOOKINGS STORE.

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STUDIO space is limited to six (6) attendees… sign up today!

This workshop is offered IN STUDIO ONLY!