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Please note when registration closes. Certain events require supplies and advanced preparation. Fees for events cancelled due to low attendance will be credited back to your account. 

Monthly Donation-based Events

March Yoga Book Club Read is The Five Agreements (Chapter 2); Join the discussion!

Wednesday, Feb 21st @ 7:30pm
Tuesday, Mar 5th @ 7:15p
2401 Reiki Circle-2
Wednesday, Mar 20 @ 6:30pm

Contemplation Circle

Mar 10th at 4:30pm

The Eight Major Religions & Metaphysics

with Rev. Grace Beck, B.Msc.

Join us as we have a discussion about the eight major religions and metaphysics. Topics for this discussion include:

  • The eight major religions identified in the book God is Not One
  • The connection between metaphysics, spirituality and religion

We’re looking to build community around the meaning of spirituality and how it effects our lives in this busy time. If you have questions, are looking for a group of like-minded people, or just want to join, listen, and feel a sense of belonging – gather with us! 

Contemplation Circle includes a centering practice, a discussion period, and a contemplation period for quiet reflection, journaling, silent chanting, praying, somatic movement… We’re looking forward to seeing you…

This is a donation-based event – come to explore and join the discussion! 

YOGA 101 – the AT HOME Practice Series

(offered the 2nd Saturday of the month)

We want to support your at-home yoga practice, too! This series of classes covers some of the questions we’ve been asked about having an at-home practice. Instructors and topics will rotate and classes may be LDP (learn, discuss, practice) in structure. 

March – Debbie

Sequencing at Home

Although we embrace and appreciate our in-studio practice, often you might want a little more. But you may not be sure how to go about developing an in home practice. If that’s a thought you’ve had, this workshop may help you.

We’ll discuss various components of a generally accepted practice sequence and how it can be modified to suit you.

Your personal practice can become a valuable tool in maintaining and strengthing your physical, mental and spiritual health.

April – Grace

I Don’t Have an Hour for Yoga


Don’t have an hour for yoga? Make what you do have time for count with these tips on how to practice yoga in bite-size sessions. You don’t need a full hour to practice yoga daily! Let’s discuss some of the challenges and work on solutions together.


Resilience Yoga


Resilience Yoga is a continuation of the MINDFUL YOGA THERAPY program. You’ll experience the powerful tools we teach including breathwork, mindful movement, and guided meditation. 


MYT graduates may attend for FREE – contact the studio to book your spot. 

All others $15 DropIn or use your CLASS PASS to attend

June – Joelle

Rise & Shine Yoga


Wake up and move!  Starting our day with peace and calm is one of the best things we can do.  This gentle yoga stretch will help your body move better and your mind become more clear.  We will work together to release tension and connect to what matters most. Add yoga to your daily morning routine.  Learn how to in this class.

July – George

At Home Props: Creative Way of Deepening Your Personal Yoga Practice

In life, without a specific device or required implement, activities could not be carried out in any particular fashion effectively. From fixing a car, to washing clothes, tools are what makes an activity feasible and accessible. In Yoga, props are essential practice tools that can render yoga asanas or postures more available to the practitioner’s physical, emotional, and mental capabilities and needs during a class. In a typical yoga studio, you will see an abundance of yoga props to use during a class such as blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. Unfortunately, many people do not practice yoga at home consistently or at all because they do not have access to specific yoga studio props. In this class, we will explore the available options at home to cultivate a personalized yoga routine that will not break the bank or require additional room for storage. While keeping availability and accessibility as the main focus for a home yoga practice, adding functionality with individualized creativeness will present greater opportunities for people to practice yoga in the comfort of their own home.

2402 Partner Foot Rub-2

Friday, Feb 16th | 6p – 7:30p

$65 per couple

Registration closes Feb 14th.


Registration closed

Give a GREAT Foot Rub

with Grace (MA87383)

Surprise your Valentine with this special DATE NIGHT event at Nadi Om Wellness. Each participant will give and receive a great foot rub to their Valentine! This session includes an Epsom salt foot soak and instruction on how to give your Valentine a great foot rub by licensed massage therapist, Grace (MA87383). 

Soft lighting, low music, and a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the healing touch of your Valentine will be on the evening’s agenda. Foot massage is known to help relax and de-stress from a busy day, improve circulation – supporting the body’s natural healing process, and encourage better sleep and higher energy levels. Don’t miss this opportunity to take care of that special someone in this unique and loving way.

Purchase the FOOT RUB W/GRACE workshop in the


Don’t forget to book your session after purchase!

STUDIO space is limited to four (4) couples … sign up today!**

**minimum attendance requirement of 2 – if not met, this session may be cancelled. 

2024 Dates

Monday, March 18

Monday, June 24

Saturday, October 26

6 – 7pm | $40

Registration will open ~ 4 weeks before event date!

Sound Bath Meditation

with Jim Red Sky


The simultaneously new found science and ancient art of sound therapy are part of the session you will experience at a “Sound Bath Meditation by Jim Red Sky”.  Integrated into these sessions are over 40 years of energy work as a Shaman and over a decade as a Reiki master/teacher. Reading the energies in the room is a constant process critical to a successful outcome. Any release of negativity is addressed immediately and in a manner proven through time to be very effective. Energetic blockages are also dealt with in a manner tested over the course of years and found to be both timely and lasting. I also work at home preparing myself and my tools for each session.

My earliest works with sound were done with drums, rattles and chant.

Once introduced to the amazing benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls, I dove wholeheartedly into instruction and course work available through pioneers and innovators in the field of sound therapy.  I had Crystal Singing Bowls in my home and practiced for years before being satisfied that the results of my technique(s) were consistent enough to share with others.

Through time and experience I came to learn that the Crystal Singing Bowls alone were not an efficient means of breaking through energy blockages for a room full of people in the time typically provided. Stronger vibrations are sometimes needed to facilitate the breaking up of energy and clearing of pathways so I added a medicine drum to my practice. Gongs were also added as well as tones outside those coinciding with the 7 major Chakras to enhance our connection to Earth and Sky and the smooth effective flow of energies through us.

I am constantly paying close attention to the reactions as well as face to face and sent feedback from people experiencing the sound bath to continue its positive evolution. I do this because it is my calling my spiritual path demands it of me. This is not done as entertainment.  My sincere goal is that my efforts help us accomplish a greater state of total wellness as individuals and that we might Coexist, Create & Function together better as a whole.

I am constantly paying close attention to the reactions as well as face to face and sent feedback from people experiencing the sound bath to continue its positive evolution. I do this because it is my calling my spiritual path demands it of me. This is not done as entertainment.  My sincere goal is that my efforts help us accomplish a greater state of total wellness as individuals and that we might Coexist, Create & Function together better as a whole.

In Peace,

Jim Red Sky

Students/Members purchase

SOUND BATH w/ Jim Red Sky

in the


Guests, please call 352.525.0247 to reserve your space or sign up to become a studio member and purchase with the link above.

SIGN UP will open in February 2024 for this workshop!! Add you name to the Nadi Om Wellness newsletter to get the latest information.

STUDIO space is limited to twenty (20) attendees… sign up today!

This workshop is IN STUDIO ONLY.

For training events visit Elemental Energy Healing.

2401 MYT FB Event


International Day of Yoga

Wednesday, June 21st

10:30am : Sivananda Yoga Class (donation-based)

12:30 – 2pm : OPEN HOUSE 

1pm : Meditation for Relaxation DEMO

6pm : World Peace Meditation (Reiki-infused)


April 29th


Nadi Om Self-Care Fair

Join us for this FREE event – meet our YOGA community, learn from trauma and self-care experts about trauma’s effects and how self-care can help, and explore the programs and services we offer!

Informational Sessions & OPEN SHOPPING!!

NOON – 3pm

The day’s agenda includes the following: 

12:30pm – Trauma and its affects on the Body 

(with Matt Lowe, Renewal Primary Care)

1pm – Yoga Tools & the Mindful Yoga Therapy Program

(with George Kent, YTOC co-founder, CYT200)

1:30pm – Processing Trauma through Stories 

(with Matt Lowe, Renewal Counseling and Coaching)

2pm – How Reiki Supports Self-Care

2:30pm – Self-Reflexology – the Power of the Thumb

(with Grace Beck, Elemental Energy Healing)

Our sponsors

2212 MMC Web - Hester


STUDIO space is limited … sign up today!


with Nicole Hester of
Health Love Success

The art of deliberate manifestation… 

Do you feel like life is happening TO YOU? Learn how to shift to you deliberately creating your life FOR YOU. 

This is a 90 minute Learn-Discuss-Practice session – bring an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Wednesday, Dec 7th

6:00pm | $20

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Health Love Success!

Friday, September 17th

6:00pm | $25

The Blue Forest

a yogic experience from India!

Express yourself and move through the vocabulary of Indian Classical dance and music with Gowri!

Indian classical dance and music have an intricate connection to the yogic practice both in music and in thought.

We’ll be exploring some ancient symbols, hand gestures, and beautiful movement. Dive in to this world by exploring poems of love, war, and everything in between.

Limited space in studio or join us from the privacy of your own home!



STUDIO space is limited to eight (8) attendees… sign up today!